Residential Application

We offer a variety of window films for Residential application including Solar Control Window film and Safety Film which come in reflective and non-reflective and for those who want to add some flare to there window's we also offer various decorative patterns.

Window film eliminates up to 99 percent of UV light which is the biggest cause of fading in carpets and furniture. Our window film will keep furnishings looking brand new for longer.

Window film helps create a more comfortable environment by reducing hot spots on different sides of a home, as well as reducing glare.

Our window films reduce air-conditioning energy use by 33%.

Window film makes it more difficult for others to look inside your home during the day, making bathrooms and home offices more secluded. We also offer frosted window films which can be used to accent shower doors and glass cabinets.

Our window film creates a barrier which prevents the window from shattering when damaged.

The application of window film strengthens the window and makes it harder to breaker through which will deter "smash and grab" burglaries.



Graphite 20% HP (High Performance film) - Classic range
Semi – Reflective (not full reflective but high shine to enhance privacy)
Dye – Metal combined
Graphite colour
Allows 75 - 80% Natural light flow
Reduces heat, glare and UV damage on furniture and any household items.
Enhances privacy without going for a full reflective (metal film)
Suitable for Residential & Commercial applications
This is our most popular film

Graphite 05% HP (High Performance film)
This film has got a very low visible light transmission therefore great for glare off computer screens- ideal for call centres, offices and boardrooms.
Black appearance from outside - high shine- 64% heat rejection - 99% UV filter and enhance privacy.

Solar 70
Colour : Neutral
Full Metal
Great product for almost transparent film to cut the heat, glare and UV damage.
Does not give any privacy but gives the conservative client peace of mind.

Solar 50
1st photo : only middle floor treated with Solar coat 50. 50 micron - Excellent for UV damage, well rounded product with a 55% heat rejection and is almost transparent. Full metalized product - 5 year warranty.