Welcome to Cape Window Film

Cape Window Film is a Cape Town based supplier of window films. We have a large range of reflective and non-reflective quality window film available for decorative, residential, commercial and safety use.

Why use window film?

Window film is the ultimate in solar heat control, and during Winter the window film serves as an added layer of insulation, which reduces heat and energy loss through your windows. This adds value, protection and comfort to your home.

The advantages of using window film:

Increases comfort by reducing glare:
Reflects up to 79% heat, Reduces up to 86% Glare

Protects your furniture against fading:
Blocks 99% UV - Protecting furniture, carpets & fabrics

Safety - Protecting your family and home:
Strengthens glass and insures shatterproof resistance in the event of glass breakage
(ANZI Z97.1)

Feel free to call us to hear how window film can reduce your electricity bill, improve the ambiance of your home or office, as well as general safety.